Playlist N°34
Du 15 au 22 août 2020

INTRO : KEVIN FOWLER : Mousturdonus
DUSTIN SONNIER : Missin' You Mississippi (Between The Stones And Jones-2019)
SEASON AMMONS : Damn Good Man (Neon Side Of Town-2019)
STAN MARTIN : Reasons for Drinking You Gone (Single-2020)
TYLER DOZIER : Doing Time In Texas (Single-2020)

JACOB ARMITAGE : Once Upon A Time (Single-2020)
KADIE LYNN : My First Love Song (Single-2020)
TYLLER GUMMERSALL : Lucky Guy (Single-2020)
ATHENS CREEK : The Road Home (The Road Home-2020)

CODY HIBBARD : Dying Breed (Memory and a Dirt Road-2020)
DANIEL DONATO : Ain't Living Long Like This (A Young Man's Country-2020)
ASHLEY PUCKETT : Bullet Proof (Live Like You Love-2020)
THE VINCE JOHNSON BAND : Killer Carole (Mind Guerilla-2020)

CLARE BROWN : . Forever (And That's Ok-2020)
CHARLEY CROCKETT : Paint It Blue (Welcome to Hard Times-2020)
TEN PENNY GYPSY : Making Headway (Fugitive Heart-2020)
GREAT WESTERN ORCHESTRA : Cowboy Boogie (Wind In The Wire-2020)
OUTRO : Campfire