Will Banister : Ain’t That The Truth (Single-2020)
Jolina Carl : Lockdown (Single-2020)
Gary Burk III : Like That (Single-2020)
Kaitlyn Kohler : Too Many Love Songs (Single-2020)

Terry Smith : Texas Roots (2020)
Wendy Motten : Ode To Billy Joe (I’ve Got You Covered-2020)
Charley Crockett : Run Horse Run (Welcome to Hard Times-2020)
Amber Digby : Today Is Not The Day (Heroes, Mentors and Friends-2020)

Saskia Vese : Slow Dance (Single-2020)
Randy Overton : That's My Name (Single-2020)
Chad Cooke Band : Cowboy's Cowgirl (Single-2020)
Buddy Davis : Somebody's Angel (Single-2020)

K.C. Beck : The Machinist (The Machinist-2020)
Preston Camp Jr : Has Anybody Told You (Overnight-2020)
Ana Cristina Cash : Renegade Rose (Sine-2020)
Michael Ballew : Where Are The Rangers (A Tale Of The Old Texas Rangers-2020)
OUTRO : Campfire