Playlist N°12
Du 20 au 27 mars 2021

INTRO 00:00
JERRY KILGORE: I’d Leave Her In A Second 00:21
THOMAS THOPPER: That Woman's Got My Number 05:01
ADDISON JOHNSON: Dark Side Of The Mountain 08:41
JOHNNY CASH: Hey Good Looking 13:10
KATRINE SCHMIDT: Wish I'd Be a Hundred 15:03
ARON CRAWFORD: Hotel Lovin’ 18:42
JENN FORD: Woman In Black 22:14
SKIP PULLIG: Teacher 25:57
KATY SHEA: Chasing Hank 30:04
AARON TANNER: Hallways Of My Mind 33:15
ANDY MCDERMOTT: Heartaches By The Number 37:26
JONNY HOULIHAN: Just One Of The Reasons 40:39
SEAN BURNS & Lost Country: Invitation to the Blues 45:04
CINDY HALL & ERNIE ROWELL: Golden Ring 48:10
NEIL COOPER: Palomino 51:28
PATRIOT ROAD: Young Love 55:09
OUTRO : Campfire 59:07