INTRO 00:00
TOBACCO RD BAND: Lonesome Road 00:21
DALE HARPER & The Highlanders: Ghost Town 03:41
TERRY CRABTREE: Living On Love 07:53
JEREMY EGG BAND: Two Step Friday Night 11:41
ADAM HARVEY: Highway Number One 15:04
JACK TIDWELL: I Am An Outlaw 19:06
JON HOPE: The Highway 22:34
CHRIS ROBERTS: Get Down 26:34
HAYDEN HADDOCK: Honky Tonk On 30:05
SOUTHPAW: Shake 33:39
RYLAN BROOKS: Milan 37:18
CURTIS GRIMES: Friends 41:12

SOO LINE LOONS: Old Mill 45:03
BREANNE MARIE: Dead Man Walking 48:35
DEAN PERRETT: That’s His Beer Here On The Bar 52:42
CREED FISHER: On a Good Night 56:01
OUTRO : Campfire 59:06