Playlist N°47

Du 19 au 26 novembre 2022

Intro: Are You Ready For The Country 00:00
Chad Cooke Band: Bringing Country Back 00:32
Christian Parker: Shotgun 04:27
Dusty Moats: You Jingle My Bell 07:40
The Whiskey Charmers: On The Run 11:48
Julie Roberts: When You Wake Up 15:00
Tom Curtain: Tractor Man 18:27
Hermann Lammers Meyer: Things Have Gone To Pieces 21:48
Lance Roark: Oklahoma Blacktop 26:18
Margo Price: Ragged Old Truck ft. Joshua Hedley 29:58
Patti Dixon: I Can’t Fight It 34:21
Stacey Breen: Good Hearted Women 37:46
Christopher Wright: Behind Those Eyes 40:59
James Robert Webb : Local Participatin' Honky Tonk 44:52
Mark Powell: It Goes On 48:21
Larry Fleet: Having a Girl 52:30
Tanya Tucker: Ready as I'll Never Be 55:23
OUTRO : Campfire 59:27