Playlist N°45

Du 5 au 12 novembre 2022
Intro: Are You ready For The Country 00:00
Marty Denton: Dr Honky Tonk 00:31
Michael Lusk: Turn on the jukebox 04:05
Jerry McCoy: Waterfalls of Love 07:49
Mark Allan Atwood: Happy Thoughts 11:43
Nikki Nelson: While The Jukebox Gently Weeps 14:57
Jamie Talbert: Old Guitar 19:08
Cooper Mohrmann and Larissa Boyd: Chanel No 5 22:44
Ryder Grimes: Velvet Chains 26:53
Will Ardell: Songs In The Dark 30:11
Justin Sutton: Greyhound 34:00
Robbie Harte: Reason to Rise 37:27
Steve Pontmeier: Even In A Bar 41:05
James Lann: Like Conway Twitty 44:51
Savannah Rae: All Hat 48:15
Kerry Freeman: Funny How That Works 52:10
Cherise Carver: Guitars Guns & Bibles 55:33
Outro: Campfire 59:30