Playlist N°43
Du 17 au 24 octobre 2020

INTRO : KEVIN FOWLER : Mousturdonus
DAVID ADAM BYRNES : Old School (Neon Town-2020)
TEAGUE BROTHERS BAND : Fingers & Thumbs (Single-2020)
GOODNGONE : Loralei (Single-2020)
ROSSELLA SCARLET : The Outsider (The Outsider-2020)

CROSS RAGS & YOUNG : Reckless (Single-2020)
COLLEEN MICHELLE MILLER : Wind Song Blues (Amarillo Road-2020)
JESSE RAUB JR : I’d Look Good On You (Single-2020)
JAMES LANN : Devil's Red Hot Sauce (Single-2020)

JARED LOSTRACCO : 100 Miles from Houston (100 Miles-2020)
CODY HIBBARD : The Truth (Single-2020)
THE JENSEN SISTERS : River Song (Yellow Frames-2020)
RICHARD LYNCH : Pray On The Radio (Single-2020)

KENDI JEAN : A real Good Handful (Lasso The Moon Vol 1-2020)
TODD BARROW : Fun In Mexico (Single-2020)
JULIANNE ANKLEY : There’s Still Time (With Love From Lake Huron-2020)
RAMBLIN’ BOOTS : Bone Dry (Ramblin’ Originals-2020)
OUTRO : Campfire